Eleven Months Old - January 2006

Home from Florida! Charlie and Katie are very close to walking. They like to push Frank around on the fire truck scooter; it's really funny. Frank loves playing with the basketball, and we're trying to teach him to roll it back and forth with us. They all love the tent and tunnel we got for Christmas. Katie learned to put a ball inside a cup, and now tries to put everything inside something else. Frank and Charlie do that now, too. Dave couldn't stand it anymore and cut Charlie's hair (but didn't get it straight across the front :-) They are babbling at one another more now and make each other laugh!

Katie loves the tunnel

Charlie screaming in the tunnel

Frank digs the tunnel, too.

Frank likes Anne Marie's headbands. What a goofball!

Charlie loves pushing Frank around on the fire truck while learning to walk

Charlie sporting his new haircut from Dave

Almost too big to all fit in the laundry basket!

Dave put himself to sleep instead of Katie

Katie helping Anne Marie out in the office.