Happy Birthday!

Hurray! The triplets are one year old! We had a big party for all the people who have helped us so much this past year. Grandma and Grandpa Sullivan flew out from Florida. It was a cold cold day here in Austin, but lots of people came out for the party. We could not use the deck so it was very crowded in the house. It was great to see everyone! Thanks to all who came out!

The babies got very attached to Grandpa on this visit; we were sorry to see Grandma and Grandpa go home. Charlie and Katie are walking everywhere now. Frank walks around using the furniture, but he still doesn't like to let go. Frank likes to bang on everything and see how much noise it makes. Charlie likes to be goofy and make his brother and sister laugh. Katie is really enjoying books now. They are all learning some sign language like "milk," "eat," "more," "all done," "book". They're starting to say "dada" and "mama" and really mean it. Dave is teaching them "ta-da" like a true circus pro. And we had our first floater in the bathtub...(Charlie did it!)

Frank, Katie and Charlie waiting patiently for cake...

Robin did a fabulous job with the threeHammocks birthday cake!

Frank digs in

We thought Katie would be more dainty...

Charlie likes the frosting

Being the life of the party is hard work. Whew!

Katie had fun with the balloons the next morning

Frank's balloon stuck to his head and followed him around

Grandpa Sullivan launches Charlie across the living room

Katie loves her picture book from Aunt Marlene, but it was a bit spooky at first

Grandma Sullivan and Frank having nice dinner conversation

Katie and Grandpa Sullivan

Frank and Charlie having fun with Grandpa

Katie loves the rocking elephant! Thank you, Matt & Laura!

Frank's a mess

Eating is messy at our house, but lots of fun!

Sometimes it's better to just not wear clothes