Halloween 2006

We had a big time trick or treating in our cul-de-sac as the Li'l Rascals. Rhonda spent the evening with us and helped chase the kids around. They all got the hang of it pretty quickly -- bang on a door, get candy, move to the next house. Frank yelled "knock knock!" at every house and tried to open the door and walk right in. Katie wanted to sit down and figure out how to open each piece of candy. Charlie was hilarious with the deadpan Alfalfa expression, and he liked saying "boo!" to the kids dressed up as ghosts.

Charlie's not sure what's going on here...

Enjoying our first loot at the neighbor's house

Frank liked sitting down in the middle of the street

All right, next house...keep moving!

Katie waiting for her brothers to catch up

Charlie liked Katie's feather boa better than she did

Another good one for the scrapbook!