The three new Hammocks are here!

The triplets were born February 17, 2005. Anne Marie was 32 1/2 weeks along in the pregnancy. We are thankful everyone is healthy, just a little early.
Frank Nelson Hammock 3 lb 13 oz  18.5 in  7:24pm
Charles Patrick Hammock 4 lb 11 oz  18 in  7:25pm
Katherine Marie Hammock 4 lb 1 oz  17.5 in  7:26pm
After a few weeks in the hospital to grow while being monitored, Frank came home on March 11, Katie on March 14, and finally Charlie on March 21.

Frank Nelson Hammock

Charles Patrick Hammock (Charlie)

Katherine Marie Hammock (Katie)

Anne Marie holds Katie for the first time (1 day old)

Dave holds Frank for the first time (2 days old)

Charlie with no breathing assistance! (5 days old)

Kangaroo Katie (6 days old)

Kangaroo Charlie (6 days old)

Dr. Landers took great care of us

Real men use really big pacifiers (Frank - 9 days old)

Katie tries to get comfortable in spite of all those darn wires! (10 days old)

Charlie holding hands with Mom (10 days old)

Dave gives Katie a bath for the first time (13 days old)

Anne Marie and Frank having lunch

Frank going home! (3 weeks old)

Bright eyed Charlie (3 weeks old)

Peek a boo Katie (3 weeks old)