Just Moved!

So we packed up and moved to Atlanta this summer (2007)! We're still getting settled in the new house. Many boxes are still left to unpack and there is a long list of projects we'd like to do to make this place our home. We miss everyone in Austin! But we have connected with some good people here, and we like our neighborhood. Here are a few pictures to update you on the kids.

Babies in a box.

We're still having fun playing in the boxes

Lots of fun in the big unfinished basement

Dave and Katie at our local Taco Mac restaurant -- Atlanta has great chicken wings!

Grandma and Charlie getting silly

Grandpa watching the train in historic Norcross with Charlie and Katie

Dave and Frank watch the train too

Katie making friends at the Atlanta Zoo

New tricycles! We rode around the basement for hours

Katie knew how to ride immediately, Frank practiced for a day then figured it out, Charlie likes falling down on purpose

Our new playset in the backyard!

We stick together.