Expecting Triplets - Aug 2004 thru Feb 2005

What do you say when you find out you're expecting triplets? Absolutely nothing. We were speechless. Dave didn't know what to say so he started laughing, even though I was crushing his hand while we were staring at the ultrasound. That was August 2004. In September, we went to Florida to tell the rest of the family. Unfortunately, we had to reschedule the trip 3 times due to hurricanes! Frances hit Sept 5, then Jeanne hit Sept 26. Third time was the charm; we got home on Labor Day weekend.

It was an amazing experience to be pregnant with triplets. When the babies were kicking, Anne Marie felt like a popcorn machine. We took a trip to London in November; our last trip before babies -- some call it a babymoon. Anne Marie was 18 weeks at that point. After that, the doctors didn't want us to travel. We spent Thanksgiving and Christmas at home in Austin. In January, Nancy, Rhonda, Robin, and Amy threw us a huge baby shower. Anne Marie stopped working at 28 weeks, and stayed in bed more and more. No complications, just braxton-hicks contractions.

At 32 1/2 weeks, at a regular checkup, blood pressure was elevated so they took us to the hospital. Then the bloodwork came back indicating preeclampsia, then Anne Marie's water broke, then she was 3cm dilated and fully effaced, and wham! we had babies after an emergency C-section that night. See The Triplets Arrive! In the end, Anne Marie had gained 55 lbs and was 48 inches around. 45 lbs came off in the first week after delivery. It's amazing what your body can do!

Dave and Anne Marie at the Tower of London (18 weeks pregnant)

Sucking it in to look cute with the British guard (18 weeks pregnant)

Anne Marie and Denise at Thanksgiving -- both pregnant! Anne Marie - 20 weeks, Denise - 15 weeks

Dave put Sneetches on the baby room wall (22 weeks pregnant)

Showing off her belly (22 weeks pregnant)

Big blue whale -- just after Christmas (26 weeks pregnant)

Belly art by Stephen the ultrasound tech (28 weeks pregnant)

Doesn't it make you wince? Yes, I was uncomfortable! I went 4 more weeks after this...

In the hospital the morning the babies were born.