Happy Birthday!

Hard to believe the triplets are two years old! We had a quiet day at home this year to commemorate the day. We're still recuperating from a nasty stomach flu this week, particularly Frank. We had fun baking a cake and letting the kids decorate it. Frank was very perky like Charlie and Katie, but threw up shortly afterwards. I guess that's what we get for feeding him cake when he's sick, but how could we deny him on his birthday?

They are all talking and learning like crazy; it's amazing how much they absorb! They all know their colors and shapes, and are still using their sign language. Katie has started to count (once she made it all the way to ten!) and she recognizes all of her letters. She also bosses Frank and Charlie around pointing her finger and saying "Boys! Boys!" whenever they get rowdy. Now where did she learn that? Charlie is as silly as ever (silly is his favorite sign now), and Frank's smile is more captivating every day.

Waiting patiently for Daddy to finish frosting the cake so we can decorate...

Make a wish!

"I like it! I like it!" is a new phrase they've learned

Where's Mama, Charlie?

Thank you, Grandma and Grandpa Sullivan, for our new wagon!

Daddy's little Seminoles! (Thank you for our FSU jerseys, Uncle Pat!)

Our two year old cowboys!